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NemaSystems Training Center

Well prepared for Industry 4.0

Training Center

The automation technology in machines and facilities gets more and more complex – and with that the need for qualified and well-skilled specialists more and more present. At the same time the continuing education of staff plays a very crucial role in the global competition because the will to offer solutions of tomorrow needs the corresponding knowledge. Good reasons to open a training center. We support you in keeping up with the rapid technological development at our location in Bretzfeld-Schwabbach.

Trainings with open registration

Thanks to a great selection of classes with open registration, your staff is well equipped to tap the full potential of Rockwell Automation technologies. The classes are made to fit concrete fields of activity, and focus on the job tasks. Participants from all sectors and companies can attend our trainings and learn more about topics such as motion, drive technology, software, network technology and cyber security as well as IIoT.

In-house Trainings

External trainings for your staff can be a costly affair and can disturb the production process. Our local trainings are a good alternative since you can choose:

  • Date and Time
  • Number of Participants
  • Standard, made-to-fit or special contents depending on the knowledge of the participants
  • Classes in your establishment, at the training center or in the production area

Custom-made Trainings

Sometimes, individual contents are necessary in order to reach training or business goals. In that case, our custom-made trainings are the perfect fit. You choose the contents, depending on the production technology, needed knowledge of your staff, time and budget. Choose your curriculum from over 1200 lessons for technological training, basic or refresher classes, software trainings or goal-oriented learning.