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The matching Network

Industrial Network

The demands the industry makes on the network infrastructure are very extensive. Due to the growing data quantity and the complex communication between network partners in the industrial sector, more powerful and reliable network components are needed in order to transport data and information from the sensor to the control room over all hierarchies. Especially the industrial sector needs industrial network components with special ruggedness, high safety class and special pins because very high and very low temperatures can occur. When it comes to network security, intelligent and powerful security solutions are a must for everyone.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Whether you want to connect machines, whole sites or the complete plant with the control room, the communication between single components is warranted by industrial network components. Industrial Ethernet Technology is the go-to technology in order to realize this. Our portfolio of industrial network infrastructure includes switches, routers and media converters that are adjusted to match the very rugged requirements of the industry. The network components support all requirements in order to make your industrial network highly available. Build-in redundancy paired with robust reliability makes sure that the critical infrastructure works 24/7.


Wireless Systems

For wireless transmission we offer a broad selection of industrial wireless systems, for example 802.11 abgn Access Points, cellular solutions, frequency hopping radios for long-distance applications as well as wireless I/Os. Ultra-fast roaming or security are no strangers to us in order to make your wireless system as available and secure as possible. Next to the active components the passive technology belongs to our range of products, for example the Leaky Cable that works as antenna. The cable is a suitable alternative for applications in which collector rings were used. The Leaky Cable reduces the time needed for service and non-operation of the collector rings in applications such as filling machines.


Remote Access

In order to fast and efficiently support your customers from far away, a remote access is needed. Here, the most important part is a secure and stable connection. We offer our partners a secure and cloud-based solution that will allow you to communicate with all your machines, worldwide! Using EasyBridge technology, you can directly communicate with remote participants using your programming tools (like Studio 5000, UnityPro, TIA Portal and many more) without IP-Routing or other complicated settings. This allows a connection as if you were connected with the local switch. Standard Security protocols like HTTPS and IPsec are used in order to secure your system.


Network planning and optimization

Networks should be planned wisely. For us it does not matter which demands you make on your machine or production network, if it is a new establishment or if you want to expand or optimize part of your infrastructure: we will support you. Together we will find solutions for all your requirements and applications.


Network analysis and service

Standstill of your production due to network outage can get very expensive very fast. We will help you with the diagnostics and solution of your problems, for example when problems with the response time of your applications or a network outage occur. The root cause analysis is an elementary part in this endeavor since even the smallest mistakes in your network can lead to the standstill of your machines. Contact us – we would love to help you.


Network security

Cybersecurity is a topic all businesses must concern themselves with. Industrial networks have never been as vulnerable as today. Therefore, the protection of automation networks against unauthorized access is more important than ever. By implementing powerful security solutions, it is possible to ensure the control over your machine or production network and to configure your OT network in a secure and continuous way.