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The future starts today

Industrial Internet of Things

Revolutionize your company with better data and digitalized processes. Through better data access you will get new insights that will help you reduce shortages, implement demand-oriented decisions and optimize maintenance. Relying on digitalization helps reducing shortage times and increases profitability. With the help of Digital Twins, you can optimize your machine designs before implementation or test changed production processes. With connected products or services new sales possibilities can be reached.

Convergence of IT and OT

End customers are moving towards Connected Enterprise, in which information technology and operational technology systems are brought together in a unique network architecture. With intelligent machines and plants, you will receive more data, better connectivity and more reliable security, which will help you and your customers to become more successful.


Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the gateway to digitalization. Connected, smart devices take care of transparent processes and the availability of real time data. Smart machines and plants deliver real-time performance and operational data and make it easier than ever to optimize operations while complying with security regulations. Smart sensors and drive technology are the basis for that. With this information the staff can make well-founded decisions, reduce shortage times as well as increase productivity and the efficiency of the plant.


Edge and cloud solutions

Leading companies use intelligent technology in the production area in order to increase productivity and agility. This digital transformation does not only require the collection of relevant data from intelligent plants, but also the data conversion into information all staff can work with in a goal oriented and productive manner, not only on-site but all through the business, especially in global companies. Together with our partners we have solutions that fit your needs.



The FactoryTalk Analytics Platform by Rockwell Automation enables scalable analytics over the whole value chain – from the edge to the enterprise. It can ingest data from different types. With FactoryTalk Analytics you will manage large amounts of data from many sources with the help of reports, dashboards, and an extended analysis that adds additional value and supports well-founded decisions. Additionally, it enables extended analysis features such as self-service machine learning and data mashups for collaborative data analysis.


Virtual / Augmented Reality

AR in production closes the gap between digital and real world. Modern analysis and automation changed the processes in production from scratch. Today, AR transforms human processes through fast learning and effective instructions. We will show you which benefits AR offers by increasing efficiency, decreasing costs and unlocking new business gains for manufacturers.