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NemaSystems Automation Solutions


Automation Solutions

We offer you automation solutions based on the Logix platform by Rockwell Automation. It is a scalable, industrial automation architecture for the total spectrum of automation, from sequential controls to axis, process and drive controls as well as security and information technology. The highly integrated control architecture that is used for the whole facility automation leads to the reusability of engineering concepts and methods in order to lower the development time and costs as well as your total cost in ownership.

Scalable machines

Nowadays it gets more important to have modular and scalable machine and control architecture. One control family starting with the small single machine up to big and complex production line. A programming platform with optimally integrated servo and security technology as well as universal network architecture enable the reuse of soft- and hardware modules and the reduction of engineering costs.


Process and batch solutions

Each production plant has its own requirements for its processes and batch production: starting with simple single container and other single products up to more complex sites. Every requirement needs a flexible and reliable procedure. With our solutions, you can coordinate procedures and workflows as well as access important production information. Thus, your business decisions will get more well-founded.


Secure machines

The security of machines and sites is a central component of modern automation and guarantees the security of staff and the production process. Our knowhow, our services and our solutions regarding machine security support you in reducing risks, optimizing performance and increasing productivity. More security – higher productivity and better quality.


Motion applications

For the challenges in modern mechanical engineering one needs high-performing and highly integrated axis control systems as well as providers and partners with a deep understanding of the systems and applications. The requirements become more complex and therefore need user-friendly, well-integrated axis control solutions like Kinetix-Servo controls. For this, the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment Tool plays a crucial role and helps in reducing the time needed for engineering and commissioning.


High Power Drives

For complex machines’ motor control system special knowhow is needed, especially at high performance. The year-long and interbranch experience of our staff enables us to deliver complete drive solutions that fulfill your application specific needs. The PowerFlex frequency converter by Rockwell Automation offers solutions for each application that depends on rotational speed, torque and positioning. In combination with the Logix control architecture, the design-time is shortened, and you benefit from Ethernet connectivity when looking at digitalization.