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Process Solutions

We offer different process solutions that use methods and technologies, which fit your needs for profitability and performance in order to secure your processes. Our scalable, flexible and easy to integrate solution help your company increase productivity, lower cost, reduce energy consumption and improve security. Our process knowhow supports you in optimizing operating efficiency and enables you to reach higher availability. These goals can only be reached by using technology that offers a modern process control system like PlantPAx® does.


With PlantPAx®, a modern distributed control system by Rockwell Automation, we will meet your challenge. It offers all important features expected of a process control system, such as facility-wide regulation and optimization. Very important are the scalability and the modular, transparent and secure architectures that fulfill all expectations. This technology ensures the easy integration of process, performance, information and security control in a unique, facility-wide infrastructure.



Logix Batch and Sequence Manager

Logix Batch and Sequence Manager (LBSM) offers an easily adaptable, controller-based batch management that is suitable for operation of single and multiple independent units. LBSM controls the application code with a simple configuration from the interface. Local as well as distributed Client-Server configurations are supported equally, and a consistent user interface is provided. The benefits are lowered engineering costs and faster delivery times for your process skids in the scope of batch automation. With the SequenceManager, you can configure your recipe operations in Studio 5000 Logix Designer®, execute sequences in FactoryTalk View SE and record and display batch results.



FactoryTalk Batch

FactoryTalk® Batch offers an efficient, consistent and predictable batch process for big plants. It supports the reuse of code, recipes, phases and functional modules. FactoryTalk Batch connects ANSI/ISA-88 standards with proven technology that is flexible enough for factory-wide architectures or complex single-plant applications. You will reach a consistent and reproducible batch process, an agile production line, a fast launch of new products, a higher production flexibility, and easy, factory-wide integration.

FactoryTalk® Batch