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Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router

Product innovation from Rockwell Automation

Due to increasingly complex and globally distributed manufacturing processes, decentralized access is becoming more and more important for machine and plant manufacturers.

In addition, competitiveness is strengthened by the benefits of remote maintenance solutions. Decentralized access not only enables real-time support, but also maximizes productivity and efficiency, reduces costs, decreases downtime, and improves response times.

Remote maintenance requires a hardware and software solution that enables decentralized connectivity.

The new Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router from Rockwell Automation is a hardware component that provides location-independent access to applications and machines using VPN technology. This router is available with two or five 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet copper ports to provide secure access to remote systems and their subnets.

The FactoryTalk Remote Access software is the web-based interface for configuring, managing and operating the Stratix 4300 Remote Access Router and its remote connections.

Access to the Stratix 4300 is via 2-factor authentication, which enhances security.

What makes the Stratix 4300 special is that this product can be easily integrated into the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture System. This means that the Stratix 4300 can be fully integrated into the Rockwell Automation automation world.