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Network components

Red Lion


Ethernet solutions

The N-Tron® and Sixnet® series Ethernet switches by Red Lion were developed for industrial networks. Integrated redundancy and robust reliability ensure that critical infrastructures stay up and running 24/7. With their robust encasing, Red Lion’s Ethernet Switches are perfect for usage in rugged environments and offer first-rate performance.

Ethernet solutions


Data Acquisition and Reduction

Red Lion’s Data Station is designed as gateway for acquisition and reduction of industrial data. Integrated MQTT connectors accelerate IIoT projects with one click and the embedded OPCUA server functionality supersedes separate system hardware for collecting and sending data to upstream systems. The Data Station can inform your staff about existing or potential problems in order to secure a fast problem solving and to minimize downtime.

Data Acquisition


HMI Operator Panels

Red Lion offers an extensive selection of HMI Operator Panels for complex demands in the sector of industrial automation technology. With an extensive spectrum of touchscreens in sizes of 3-15 inch for the usage both inside and outside, the HMI operator panels offer businesses the perfect selection of functions for connectivity, monitoring, and control of operational procedures. By combining high-performance functions like webserver and data-logging with integrated protocol translation, the HMIs support more than 300 leading industry protocols to connect different systems and devices.



Productvity Station

Red Lion’s ProucTVity Station lets you create your own sophisticated production scoreboard using standard, consumer-grade LCD-, LED or Plasma TVs. The integrated communication drivers allow the connection to nearly all PLCs, drives, frequency converters and other automation technology. In a few minutes you can register KPIs and display them on each TV. Get informed by automatically switching between Trends, Andon, Notifications and many more items on multiple displays. With the ProducTVity Station you can create your own interactive real-time production scoreboard in a matter of minutes.

Productivity Station


Media converters and protocol converters

Red Lion’s media and protocol converters are designed to bridge connectivity between different media types as well as legacy and Ethernet networks. The products provide fast performance and rugged operating specifications and include remote access servers, serial-to-fiber converters, isolators, repeaters, serial-to-Ethernet converters and Ethernet-media converters. With the help of more than 300 industrial protocols in cooperation with the Crimson-Software’s drag-and-drop mapping function, the protocol conversion is child’s play. The communication with e.g. Allen Bradley, ABB, Schneider or Siemens devices is transmitted to your PLC with a few clicks.

Communication Converters


Cellular M2M

Red Lion has a broad range of cellular M2M routers and RTUs. Featuring standards-based, enterprise-class capabilities, the cellular routers and RTUs enable secure, reliable data access, anywhere, anytime.

Cellular M2M