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Network solutions

ProSoft Technology®


Remote access

ProSoft Connect is a secure cloud-based service, optimized for extremely dependable performance. ProSoft Connect allows you to communicate with your machines worldwide. Using Connect’s one of a kind EasyBridge technology, you can directly communicate with remote participants using your programming tools (like Studio 5000, UnityPro, TIA Portal and many more) without IP-Routing or other complicated settings. EasyBridge allows a connection as if you were connected with the local switch.

ProSoft Connect


Rockwell Automation In-chassis

ProSoft Technology offers communication gateways for platforms by Rockwell Automation, for example ControlLogix, CompactLogix L3x, L2x, L1x, SLC 500, FLEX I/O and SCANport drive systems. The solutions include protocol gateway modules for more than 60 different networks, customer specific programmable modules, message-manager and flow-computer.



Protocol converter

The industrial stand-alone gateways with DIN-rail mounting by ProSoft Technology are easy solutions to transfer data between devices with different protocols.
Performance features:
• Multiple I/O- Connections for fast real-time data
• 4000 words storage for big applications
• Bi-directional data transfer
• Decentralized configuration and diagnosis over Ethernet
• SD-Slot for fast emergency recovery of configuration data
• Up to four serial gateways or two Ethernet ports



Industrial Wireless

The fast industrial hotspots by ProSoft Technology offer secure and wireless solutions for manufacturing, SCADA, automation and process control systems as well as mobile worker WiFi infrastructures. The hotspots support Access Point,
Repeater and Client modes. The 802.11n technology offers fast data rates of up to 300 Mbps, leading to an excellent transmission capacity and robust communication in the rugged industrial environment. The 802.11n MIMO and Channel bonding supports demanding wireless applications such as Ethernet I/O and high-resolution videos.

Industrial Wireless