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Industrial network solutions



Industrial Ethernet Switches

CCisco offers an extensive product range of IoT network solutions including switching, routing and wireless connectivity that support the different requirements of a convergent IoT network. Cisco’s network solutions support IT and OT standards and protocols and can be used to find a solution deployable in the whole extended network.



Industrial Security Appliance (ISA)

Industrial networks have an advanced need of protection and require a ruggedized solution in order to guarantee a secure and reliable service delivery. Cisco offers a broad range of solutions for industrial control networks, including the Industrial Security Appliance 3000 (ISA 3000).
Today, Cisco’s ruggedized 3000-Appliance offers the biggest selection of OT specific access control and threat detection for the toughest and most demanding environments. The Firewall ISA 3000 offers four high performing Ethernet data connections for the mounting on DIN-top hat rails.



Industrial Network Director

The Cisco Industrial Network Director is purpose built for managing industrial networks. It offers companies the possibility of gaining full visibility into the automation network in the context of automation processes, to improve system availability and performance, and to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Industrial Network Director