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PowerFlex-755TS frequency converter

Product innovation from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation launches a new generation of PowerFlex frequency converters!

The PowerFlex-755TS drives are the first six-pulse drives to use patented TotalFORCE technology. TotalFORCE technology is a high-performance motor control system with an advanced self-monitoring function. This technology makes Rockwell Automation’s new AC drives faster, more precise and responsive. In addition, the technology brings a real-time digital platform where data is provided. Because of the features of the patented TotalFORCE technology, machine and plant builders can shorten commissioning time, optimize performance and simplify maintenance and servicing throughout the entire life cycle of the PowerFlex-755TS drives.

From automotive to mining and metals to wastewater treatment, PowerFlex-755TS drives are designed for demanding industrial motor and control applications!

Features and benefits:

  • 1-400 hp/0.75-270 kW/400-480 V/2.1-477 A
  • 0-60 °C (32-140 °F) operating temperature with degradation (no degradation up to 50 °C/122 °F)
  • Supports up to five option cards for I/O, security, communications, and additional power supply
  • Environmental: IP00/IP20 NEMA/UL type open, flange-mounted, IP54 NEMA/UL type 12, and option for upgraded XT corrosion protection
  • Easy configuration, integration and visualization in FactoryTalk® Studio 5000® design environment
  • Integrated dual-port Gigabit Ethernet/IP (1000 MB) delivers 10 times faster data processing, information, and storage needs
  • CIP Security for secure communications protocol assures authorization, integrity, and privacy between trusted devices
  • XT damage gas protection option helps reduce the risk of premature device failure due to corrosion

Picture: Rockwell Automation