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„A day as a developer for automation technology“

Girls‘ Day 2022

Girls‘ Day is a German nationwide project for career and study orientation for girls. On this day, interested girls can get to know professions that are predominantly practiced by men.

Under the motto „A day as a developer for automation technology“, NemaSystems gave girls an exciting insight into the world of automation technology on this year’s Girls‘ Day on 28.04.2022 and introduced them to the profession as a developer.

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We welcomed six young and inquisitive girls at 9 o’clock in the morning at our headquarters in Bretzfeld-Schwabbach with full anticipation. After a round of introductions of all participants, we went into detail about our company NemaSystems and explained who we are and what we do.



Afterwards, the girls learned more about the area of hardware. The girls were allowed to reconstruct a circuit diagram using the E-Plan software. The girls then wired a controller, a lamp and a terminal together according to the specifications in the circuit diagram.




During the lunch break, pizza was ordered and the girls spent the break together with the other employees in the kitchen.



Afterwards, the girls learned about the field of software and programming. After a short theoretical introduction to the basics of programming, the girls programmed using the Ladder Logic programming language. The task was to program the code to make the wired light glow.




Girls‘ Day ended with an exciting presentation of a robot arm and the iTRAK drive system. Of course, the girls were also able to gain practical experience here.



The girls‘ summary is that they really enjoyed Girls‘ Day at NemaSystems. On Girls‘ Day, they learned about new activities that aroused their interest. In addition, a few girls can imagine working in the field of automation technology.