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Donation to the evangelische Jugendhilfe Friedenshort GmbH for the South Region

Doing good in the region

Evangelische Jugendhilfe Friedenshort GmbH Heimat für Heimatlose is a non-profit subsidiary of the Friedenshort Deaconess Foundation based in Freudenberg/Westphalia. The facility is divided into the regions North, East, South and West.

The center of the southern region is located in Öhringen in the Hohenlohe district. This is where the „Cappelrain“ home grounds have been located since 1975, with the headquarters of the regional management and administration.

Nine residential groups and five day groups as well as the therapeutic education center are located on the grounds of the home, in the direct vicinity of the facility’s own Tiele-Winckler School.

The Friedenshort Protestant Youth Welfare Center offers a wide range of differentiated youth services in the Hohenlohe district. A wide range of social-space-oriented outpatient assistance is offered in Öhringen and in the neighboring communities of Bretzfeld and Pfedelbach in close cooperation with schools and local authorities.

There are also inpatient residential groups for young people with different focuses.

With our donation we support the equipment of a group for flexible help, which is newly established in Pfedelbach. There, children are cared for who need a group offer in the afternoon, meals, school support or encouragement.

Many thanks to Mrs. Cordula Bächle-Walter, the deputy regional manager of the southern region, for the warm welcome at the facility and for the great work that you and your team do every day!

You can find more information about the facility here.


Here are a few impressions of the home site „Cappelrain“: